Being brilliant

I write a weekly blog for staff. It covers all kinds of stuff. This week it was all about – inspiration. The things that resonate. I could have picked any day – but Wednesday was good enough. Brilliant in fact. Here it is –

Last week I mentioned the “leading from every seat” sessions (based on the art of brilliance) that have now been attended by around 900 staff. These sessions have been organised by staff for staff. I overheard one of the team from the Community Intermediate Care Unit discussing the sessions yesterday – “It isn’t like anything I was expecting – it was great”.

My reflection on why the sessions are so powerful is that they reconnect us with our purpose and our values. In the trust, we spent a lot of time creating a vision and a set of values that reflect what we do. For this week’s blog, I could talk about the tough Programme Management Board on cost improvement; the positive and challenging Business Committee meeting; commercial developments; pressures and hotspots in some services; our Foundation Trust progress; partnership and relationships with senior people; national developments; quality measures and safety. These are clearly a feature of my week. You can read about these in the Board papers which are available to view here.

I am taking a different tack.I am going to talk about all the things that inspired me yesterday Wednesday 24 July:

  • All the staff on the Community Intermediate Care Unit that I met for conversations about care, complaints, leadership & their glowing CQC report 
  • A chance conversation with Lauren Woolley, Children’s physio, sharing feedback from trainees & families on great care and good teaching and moving to being paperless
  • Benita Powrie, Head of Service for Children’s Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy, arranging for one of her patients A to do her work experience with the trust. Then spending time being interviewed by A, who showed Cerebral Palsy was no barrier to her great questions and thoughtful approach, passion and understanding. The fact she has agreed to work on our Youth Council is a bonus.
  • Seeing the work that Emma Dickens and the membership team have done covered in a guest editorial for NHS Managers.Net  [] because it is such great work!
  • Engaging with Janet Addison, Head of Service for Children’s  Speech and Language Therapy, whose professionalism in responding to media coverage with openness and honesty and looking at lessons learned gives me huge confidence
  • Seeing people I mentor flourish in their careers and in their development
  • Reminding myself as we look at the figures and facts in the balanced scorecard that our staff are showing huge commitment under massive personal pressure and making a difference every day

 Qual1 Qual6

Of course my day was full of other stuff as wellincredibly challenging and difficult stuff too. Reconnecting with purpose; being inspired by the difference we make and the people I work with is what keeps me focused and energised. I don’t need to look far to be inspired as we face the challenges of each day.

Thanks everyone


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